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The Ultimate Self-help Book:

It’s tough to get better than being like God.

New in paperback, from the bestselling author of The Secret, comes a revolutionary method for becoming all powerful.

Michael Berg

New Books

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Taming Chaos

Harnessing the Secret Codes of the Universe to Make Sense of Our Lives By Rav Berg

According to Rav Berg, chaos is not random but the result of an incomplete understanding...

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An Autobiography

As told to Yehuda Berg

Now in paperback, a powerful guide to overcoming Satan: the nagging inner voice of doubt and cynicism, and the root of destruction in the world.

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Camino del Kabbalista

Un manual del usuario de Tecnología para el AlmaBy Yehuda Berg

En El camino del kabbalista, el autor Yehuda Berg describe exactamente lo que la gente...