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Kabbalah Publishing is the official publishing division of Kabbalah Centre International. We consider ourselves distributors of the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah.

Since the first recorded document hailing back to The Book of Formation, written by Abraham 4,000 years ago, kabbalah was a closely guarded mystery reserved for scholars. That changed in 1922 when The Kabbalah Centre was established by Rav Ashlag, This master kabbalist was the first to modernize the wisdom and make it accessible.

He then passed the mantle of leading The Kabbalah Centre and publishing the sources of enlightenment to his student, Rav Brandwein, who later passed it to Rav Berg. Rav Brandwein began publishing and self-distributing ancient texts under the imprint of Kabbalah Learning Centre. These include The Zohar, The Writings of the Ari, as well as The Ten Luminous Emanations. We also printed introductory and explanatory titles such as An Entrance to the Zohar and An Entrance to the Tree of Life.

Rav Berg broke with tradition of keeping the wisdom exclusive to only male scholars, when he began to teach his wife, Karen. Together in 1971 they opened the Kabbalah Center to everyone. Today, The Centre has grown to more than 30 centres around the world and a multitude of study groups.

In 1988 our imprint changed to Research Centre of Kabbalah and we published Kabbalah for the Layman, To the Power of One, Secret Codes of the Universe, Time Zones, and Wheels of a Soul, which have each sold nearly 20,000 copies.

Historically, the wisdom is relayed from master to disciple. Every generation has teachers who in turn study and transmit the knowledge to their students. The Kabbalah Centre and Kabbalah Publishing operate in much the same manner; For four decades, Rav Berg and Karen Berg have been sharing this wisdom through books and classes, and more recently online content. Their sons, Yehuda and Michael have also committed their lives to teaching kabbalah, and the student base now spans the globe.

Kabbalah Publishing officially launched in 2002 with Michael Berg’s bestseller, The Secret. Yehuda Berg continued the success with The 72 Names of God in 2003. This was one year after he and his brother garnered great acclaim at other publishing houses with their seminal works, The Way, (Michael Berg, Wiley) and The Power of Kabbalah, (Yehuda Berg, Jodere). Repackaged with the Kabbalah Publishing logo, The Power of Kabbalah has since been licensed into 23 languages, including Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish, Italian, Bulgarian, Latvia, and Korean, Russian and Portuguese.

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Honoring the path true to the lineage of the Kabbalah Centre Michael a uthored the first Aramaic to English translation of 23-volume The Zohar, including the commentary known as the Sulam, a project he began when he was only 18 years old and completed ten years later.

Previously, this book, and the knowledge contained therein was only available to the great scholars of history -- among them Plato, Pythagoras and Newton. This time-honored wisdom is simplified and made highly accessible in Rav Berg’s The Power of You, which illuminates methods for maximizing personal potential, and finding contentment. In a radical departure from kabbalistic tradition, Karen Berg penned the first book on Kabbalah for women, God Wears Lipstick.

With subjects ranging from relationships and sex, to prosperity, and bible studies, Kabbalah Publishing has an active backlist of 70 print titles, plus audio titles such as The Living Kabbalah System, the first ever at home study system on Kabbalah following the master teacher model – bringing the wisdom forward another step in accessiblity. We release approximately 25 books a year, including new editions of classics, and books in the Spanish language. In 2010 with robust sales in English and Spanish for The Power to Change Everything, Kabbalah Publishing printed its first title in Portuguese, O Poder de Mudar Todo. Working with our licensing partners, many of our titles are available in other languages such as The Way, which has been translated into Spanish, German, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Latvian, Greek. Farsi, Ukranian, Korean, and Czechoslovakian.

In the beginning, The Kabbalah Centre sourced original content to produce books. For more information please visit:

In North American we are distributed to the trade by Publishers Group West.

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