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Karen Berg

tuned into spirituality at a very young age. As a child who didn’t know her father, she was raised by an independent woman who was living life on her own terms. Transferring from school to school, Karen was unable to put down roots, or learn to read and write properly. As a result of this unconventional and nomadic existence, Karen was often mocked by her peers.

One night a gang of school kids threw Karen into a construction pit. She couldn’t get out and thought she would die there until she heard a voice that said, “Why are you crying? Watch, you’ll see. There’s a reason for everything that’s come down in your life.” She was only ten years old at the time, but since that experience, she knew there was a higher power. The event incited Karen to search for greater meaning and connection. She began to study spirituality, reincarnation, healing energy, and astrology. By age of 18 she was a medium.

It was not until after pursuing metaphysics that Karen first met businessman Rav Berg. They appeared to have nothing in common and each went their separate way. Karen married and had two daughters. But Karen wasn’t born for a traditional lifestyle, and felt that one day her true calling would be revealed.

Years passed, and she and Rav Berg were reconnected through a business contact. When Karen learned the Rav was studying Kabbalah, she said to him “I’ll work for free if you teach me” In those days, women were forbidden to study Kabbalah.. But being open-minded, Rav Berg sought guidance from his teacher in a dream.. Without any sign, the following day he meant to inform Karen that he wouldn’t be able to teach her. But instead Karen surprised him by revealing her dream about a strange man. By her description of the man’s garb and language, The Rav knew this was his teacher, and the blessing for which he had hoped. It was a pivotal moment in Kabbalistic history, and in their personal lives.

After they married, and Karen delved deep into Kabbalah, she said to the Rav, “Look I’m no great big soul. If I can understand these teachings then others can too. Let’s open the Kabbalah Centre to everyone.” Karen has committed her life to introducing the teachings of Kabbalah as a practical tool for actualizing potential, and to expanding the presence of spirituality in the world. Whether the topic is family, relationships, work, faith, life or death, Karen manages to find awe in the mundane as well as the mysterious. She is author of the groundbreaking God Wears Lipstick: Kabbalah for Women, and Simple Light, a collection of insights culled from her writings and teachings over the last 30 years.