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Yehuda Berg

absorbed the revolutionary teachings of Kabbalah as a child, and has since developed a knack for distilling the knowledge into conversational terms. Co-director of Kabbalah Centre International, Yehuda is touted as “the people’s kabbalist.” He shares these teachings as a technology to improve everyday life. Unconventional and respected, in 2009, GQ Magazine’s The Gentlemen’s Fund honored Yehuda for being an agent of change in the field of education. Although he is known to some as a celebrity advisor, his true passion lies in working with social outcasts and the downtrodden. Yehuda believes that only by transforming our negativity can we unlock our greatest blessings.

A prolific author, Yehuda’s books include the bestselling The Power of Kabbalah, which has been translated into 23 languages; The 72 Names of God; Satan: An Autobiography; Spiritual Rules of Engagement; True Prosperity; The Power to Change Everything and the at-home-study-system, The Living Kabbalah System. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and five children.